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Shareholdings Meet
Open Source

Contribute to community-developed software, own intellectual shareholdings of the software and get rewarded for your contributions.

Our Mission

Empower software developers to create and capture more value.

We are building solutions that enable the contributors of community-developed software to hold "intellectual shares" of the software, just like capital investors own shares of companies. In the new intellectual shareholding model, software developers can invest their talent in promising projects for long-term returns; open-source developers can share donations and sponsorships, get better financial support, and work on what they love.

Help Make a Difference!

Get monetary rewards for your contributions.

Bypass any intermediary that exploits the lasting value you create.


Financially support yourself even without joining a company.

Work on what you love.


Collaborate with the best talent all around the world.

Program on the beach, in the cafe, or wherever you like.


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Meet The Team

Jinglei Ren

Board of Directors

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CEO of Merico. Ex Researcher at Microsoft Research. Ph.D., Tsinghua University.


Hezheng Yin

Board of Directors

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CTO of Merico. Ex Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley. Undergraduate at Yao Class, Tsinghua University. 


Roland Vogl

Board of Directors

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Executive Director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology and Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School


Armando Fox

Board of Advisors

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Computer Science Professor at

UC Berkeley


Eric von Hippel

Board of Advisors

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Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management


Poul-Henning Kamp

Board of Advisors

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 A lead developer for the Varnish cache project, and FreeBSD.


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